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PAX Plus

PAX Plus

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All PAX Plus devices come with a 10 year warranty!


If you have experience in vaping flower and are searching for the perfect device to last you the next decade then this is very likely the corect choice for you.

 Unlike typical vaporizers, where you have to adjust the temperature setting your self, the PAX Plus comes with 4 pre-made modes, each designed for a unique user experience; Stealth, Efficiency, Flavour and Boost

To change setting, you just hold the button down until the lights (petals) light up, the amount of petals tell you what setting you have enabled.


Stealth mode (1 petal) is nice when you need to be discreet and stealthy, the lights are dimmed and the heat is low enough that it barely produces any vapour, but you still catch the effects.

Efficiency mode (2 petals) is for the slow and relaxing sessions. This setting is designed to extract all the effects from the flower but at a slower pace.

Flavour mode (3 petals) brings you the most flavourful experience of all the settings. If you are the type of person that really wants to enjoy the most out of the flavour of your flower, then this setting is for you.

Boost mode (4 petals) Is for the intense sessions where you want to get blasted by your flower. This setting has the highest temperature that produces the most amount of vapour and is also the setting that works best for extracts.

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